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EarthLife is amazing and if you aren't paying attention, it just may be passing you by. Slow down! Observe what is around you. Plant a garden. Make Your Own Food. Create Beauty. Meet People. Create.
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--Loretta McCarthy, Soulwork Adventures

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Learning more - for the journey.

So I am reading about the Achuar and the Amazon this morning and came across this description: "Potential dangers are ever present: quicksand, biting insects and spiders, poison snakes, thorns, and falling limbs. Attractive fruits and berries may be deadly. Predators such as anacondas and jaguars live in the forest, and caiman live along the banks of the rivers. In the rainforest, you must be alert, taking care where to step and what to touch." So am I still going on the journey in July with the Pachamama Alliance? Oh, YES, I am!

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