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Friday, June 23, 2017

Breathing Deeply

My starfish self loves the ocean! Usually it is a two-hour drive from my home to the Pacific Ocean - a little longer if I want to put my feet into the water or splash my face with its refreshing touch. Which is why I find deep delight when I am able to spend time at an airbnb near Ferndale, CA. A mile walk along the paved road takes me to the edge of the beach. Once I make my way through the tall grasses and around the driftwood, I can play with the water or walk along side the waves. Breathing deeply, I relax!

On my return walk to the road, I enjoy exploring the treasures that have washed up on the shore with the ebb and flow of the waves. Some sit like sentinels - only a shadow of what they once were. Interesting shapes and a variety of sizes!

Recently I completed the co-facilitation of an eight-week grief group. In the sharing I noticed how waves of grief passed over me leaving behind reminders of the loss I felt as I mourned my two brothers who died in 2012. I also realized that the pain has lessened considerably. I remember how devastated I was in the first year and more. I was unable to focus. I had lost my footing and was afraid that this would always be the way I would feel. ("No one ever told me that grief felt so like fear." C.S. Lewis)

I am so grateful that though I will never be over my loss of Pat and John, I have come through the deepest darkness. Journeying with others through their grief has helped me process my own grief, as did the writing of my book, ABC's of Grief. Breathing deeply, I give thanks.

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