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Sunday, September 01, 2013

Taking the Easy Way Out

I have walked the labyrinth many times. Each time the "journey in" has been profound. I set an intention and begin walking - following the path faithfully. I feel confident that I will arrive at the center. So when the way seems to curve away, I keep putting one foot in front of the other. Eventually I reach the center with a feeling of accomplishment and peace. Usually I sit down on the ground or floor and wait for an answer, a message, or a realization that it is time to stand up and leave the labyrinth.

The way out is to retrace the path until one arrives where one began. It is then that I often feel a desire rise up within me: " Take the easy way out!" Just walk over the path's boundaries and you will be finished and free to go. To date I have never done that because I know the blessings and the insights that come as I have taken the time to walk out with as much fidelity as I gave to walking in.

Today, as we departed from Belmead, the labyrinth came to mind. We had reached the center - the Ritual: Remembering John is completed. Why not take the "easy way out"? Hurry home and be finished with the tribute journey. Instead as we drove through the hills of Virginia and West Virginia, I sense a recommitment to this trip in memory of John. As we passed by rivers and lakes, I silently spoke  as John always did, "Thank you, Water." Denise and I recalled the gift of yesterday's memorial service and were grateful for those who touched John's life with love and honesty. And most important we asked John and those who have gone before us to help us in the days ahead to see clearly the path we are to take.

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