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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

"most this amazing day"

The day began early with a ho-hum drive out of Oklahoma into Texas. Flat land, glimpses of Route 66, and a couple of stops at interesting places made for a pleasant, but uneventful morning. Then we reached New Mexico. It was in the afternoon that the words of e.e. cummings came to my mind:

i thank You God for most this amazing
day: for the leaping greenly spirits of trees
and a blue true dream of sky; . . .

We had one hope for this day connected to our tribute in memory of John - a visit with one of the many friends John made as he traveled across the country. I remember John talking about Don and his wife Gail. He met them when his beloved F-150 Ford pickup truck had problems in the desert area to the east of Albuquerque. 
John was on his way back to Brockton and was quite concerned about the noises and the difficulties he was having with his truck. Where to stop? How does one find a reliable auto mechanic in a new place far away from home? Trusting his gut John pulled off the interstate onto Route 66, and turned into Mt. View Auto Repair. There he met Don, who secured the needed part and fixed his car for a mere $30.00, way below what John thought he might have to pay for a new transmission. 
John spent the night at a nearby hotel, picked up his car the next day and in the process of talking with Don, a friendship was formed. John kept up with Don and Gail via phone calls and stopped to visit each time he passed by on one of his cross country trips. When John heard that Gail was seriously ill, he brought her some water that he felt had healing and strengthening powers. When he heard of her death, he cried as he shared the news with me on the phone.
Denise and I wanted to stop by and meet Don and let him know of John's death. We had very limited
Loretta and Don
information about Don gleaned from one of John's address books: a first name, the name of his business and a phone number, but the phone number didn't work! So we googled the business name, found an address and followed the google directions. No sign of Mountain View Auto Repair.  
Then serendipity came to our rescue. We spontaneously pulled into one of the businesses along Route 66 in Moriarity,NM, asked the first person we saw (who was just leaving as we pulled up), and he said, "Oh, Don moved years ago. He is now located at. . ."  Ten minutes later I was at Don's new business--East Mountain Auto and RV Repair--explaining to Don who I was and why I had stopped by.
Don's response to hearing of John's death was so simple it brought tears to my eyes - still does as I write this post. He said,  "John was a good man. He would stop by each time he came through, even brought water for my wife when she was ill". We visited for a bit and shared stories and exchanged information. (At least, now I have his last name, an email address and the new name of his business!) Once again I was moved by the awareness of how John went through this life touching people and creating a web of care - one person at a time. For most this amazing gift, I am grateful.

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