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EarthLife is amazing and if you aren't paying attention, it just may be passing you by. Slow down! Observe what is around you. Plant a garden. Make Your Own Food. Create Beauty. Meet People. Create.
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--Loretta McCarthy, Soulwork Adventures

Monday, September 02, 2013

Our Labor Day Journey: Day in Pictures

Sept 2, 2013
On the external journey: we travel through the heartland through three states, crossing bridges in Louisville, KY, the Ohio River and the Mighty Mississippi.

The internal journey is also through the heartland too, a pause that allows a reconnection to center.  I feel strength gathering and clarity of purpose... and a deep deep gratitude for the journey itself, for all those who have supported us on this path, and for the earth centers whose fidelity to their mission is even more apparent when viewed over time.

I am preparing the soil right now for the inevitable choices ahead.

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