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EarthLife is amazing and if you aren't paying attention, it just may be passing you by. Slow down! Observe what is around you. Plant a garden. Make Your Own Food. Create Beauty. Meet People. Create.
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Thursday, September 05, 2013

Detours Can Be Blessings

Another day of driving through the beautiful, amazingly diverse, terrain of New Mexico until we reached "Colorful Colorado" as the welcome sign announced. We had decided to change our original travel plans so we could include Durango. We wanted to visit with Lora Cardarelli, a friend of ours and of John's. Lora and John had met each other at Rockhaven Ecozoic Center and had worked together there on a couple of projects. We told stories of John and caught up with each other's lives. Then, we enjoyed a delicious meal with Lora and her partner Molly before heading out again toward the setting sun.

Our "detour" may mean a fewer longer days of driving ahead but the time to connect was such a blessing. I have a deeper appreciation of why John often went out of his way to stop and visit new friends and old, as he traveled. Tired tonight and deeply grateful!

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