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--Loretta McCarthy, Soulwork Adventures

Saturday, August 31, 2013

The horse licked my hand

Denise holds up the granary

The horse-- now nicknamed  "licker"
Loretta and I hiked to the Belmead granery.  It was built in the mid 1840s, during the southern plantation era, by enslaved people.  Loretta and John were both instrumental in stabilizing the granary with the hopes that it would one day become an earth and environmental education center in the Thomas Berry tradition.  It now has a new slate roof and the large original timbers  have been reinforced, so that dream is indeed possible.  

On our return walk, we encountered two women on horseback near the riding stables.  Normally, I shy away from horses (allergies) but I was drawn to greet this horse and pat it on the nose.  I let the horse sniff my hand--and then it licked me!  A big wet slobbery lick right on the back of my hand.

I looked up the symbolism of "horse" -- it is reclaiming power to run and to vision.  The message for today: enter darkness, find illuminating vision and do not forget to play.  Strive for balance.  Heal mother Earth through compassion, caring, teaching, loving and sharing your gifts, talents and abilities.

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