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EarthLife is amazing and if you aren't paying attention, it just may be passing you by. Slow down! Observe what is around you. Plant a garden. Make Your Own Food. Create Beauty. Meet People. Create.
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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Ritual: Remember John

Memorial for John
We gathered this evening on the east patio of the Mansion overlooking the road where John spent
Loretta and Christina honor John
Walking down the hill to the grotto
many hours clearing the gutters of leaves and weeds, so that the beauty of this place would be "unblemished". We were sprinkled with special water that John had brought here on his many trips. We sat in a circle and told stories of John - his generosity, impatience, love of Earth and of children, need for control, his transformation, and his deep gratitude for water and for the food placed before him. We read letters from some of his friends thanking him for the ways he touched their lives and the lives of their grandchildren. We listened to songs that spoke of "everything being holy now" and "our blue boat home"- both by Peter Mayer. We read the names of all the children to whom John dedicated his website. We sent "Love and Peace to the Whole World. Think It and Make It Happen" into the Universe. We celebrated the gift of John's life.

Christina Kemp and Sr. Beulah Martin
Impending Storm
And then, we brought John's ashes down the hill to a grotto circling a statue of Mary and returned him to the Earth he loved. Dark clouds had been gathering, so we hurried inside for a delicious meal. And then the rains and lightning and thunder came. What a blessing! Thank you, John!

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