Why "Soulwork Adventures?"

EarthLife is amazing and if you aren't paying attention, it just may be passing you by. Slow down! Observe what is around you. Plant a garden. Make Your Own Food. Create Beauty. Meet People. Create.
Welcome to our blog. We love discovering what Earth has to teach anyone willing to be on the Growing Edge of life.

--Loretta McCarthy, Soulwork Adventures

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Happy Birthday John

Today John would have been 74 years old. It is his birthday and we are the ones who received the gifts!

1) a wonderful lunch with Carolyn Toben and Anita McLeod at Timberlake Farm (Whitsett, NC), where the Center for Education, Imagination and the Natural World holds its varied programs.
We had come unannounced, hesitated slightly at the entrance when we read a large sign: Visitors by Appointment Only, forged ahead anyway, and were very warmly welcomed. Our time there was truly blessed - good food, engaging conversation, story sharing, and a grand tour of the farm.

Carolyn Tobin, Anita McLeod and Loretta McCarthy
at Timberlake Farm Earth Sanctuary
Denise at the outdoor chapel, Timberlake Farm Earth Sanctuary
Read the inscription above the entrance in Latin:
"Bidden or Unbidden, God is Present."

Loretta leaves a gift with Kwan Yin
at the marsh creek bridge, Timberlake Farm Earth Sanctuary
2) our arrival at St. Francis / St. Emma around 7:00pm (Eastern Time) - another embracing welcome! More tomorrow - for now a good night's sleep.